Eco-Friendly Shades

Shop all of your favourite wooden sunglasses in a refreshingly unique, eco-friendly designs

The classic that never fades

Classic on the outside, functional on the inside, sustainable all around, find the backpack to fit your needs.

Natures' Craft

Made with sustainable, reclaimed materials with trendingl designs give our timepiece the everyday look we all need.

When doubtful wear your favourite shades

Discover the extensive selections of wooden sunglasses

Sustainable Backpacks That Will Keep You Organized

Our products are constantly evolving and our backpack are designed to be loved and to last. Made from high-quality materials such as premium leather and other durable materials, feature with water-resistant zips so that the bag will last the distance and no matter the climate.

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Experiment & Celebrating With Nature Diversity

Wood is far more sustainable than other mined materials used to make timepieces. Our wooden watches are made with only reclaimed wood, creating minimal waste during the manufacturing processes. Each unique watch is designed with nature-inspiration integrated with urban style.

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Build Your Personal Style

21L Vintage Canvas Leather Backpack

Our Canvas Leather Backpack was made with premium quality high density durable canvas fabric and PU leather, it was designed for the doers in life.

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100% Bamboo Wood Polarized Unisex Sunglasses

One of the newest trends that gives a sophisticated and fashionable look, made with premium wood and artisan engraved

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Wooden Analog Quartz Watches

Being stylish has never been so accurate a description for any timepiece. Made of eco-friendly natural sustainable bamboo without any toxic chemicals.

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